Thursday, October 17, 2013

What a week!

This week has been, needless to say, a very trying week for me. I feel like everything has gotten on my nerves and the smallest things I have made from a mole hill into a mountain.

We've all been sick the past few weeks, with various stomach bugs, viruses and colds. I know, duh, it's sick season time, but it still sucks.

I've been mad at S's situations at school. I feel, deep down, that they are not doing what they could be at his school for his Math. He does well at home, only to fail a lot at school. Last year, they said that this year (3rd grade), they will be taking a test and their scores will determine what kind of classes they go into. They warned us that he may have to go into a remedial type of Math because of his already low scores. I feel like they aren't doing all they can this year, because they want that extra money. Schools get extra money for kids who have IEP's and who are in special classes to help. That's just how it is. I'm all for letting my son go into a more specialized class, but when they said that it wouldn't be good for him, why even bring it up then?

Also, S's Reading class. Look, my son is a great reader. He's been read to pretty much out of the womb. He is an excellent speller, and great at sounding out difficult words. But, this year, he's brought home books that are less than stellar for him and they won't let him take books out above his level. What the frackity frack?! He's bringing home books made for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. He's in the 3rd grade. Another reason why I think they are up to something. So we've been getting him books at the local thrift store. Chapter books, scary books like Goosebumps, and some sweet ones like "Thunder From The Sea". He'll also be getting a library card as soon as we get a chance to swing by and get one. I'm going to give him free range of all the books but the teen and adult books. I hate saying anything bad about teachers, but I really feel that some are dropping the ball, and I don't mind picking it up, but he is with teachers almost 8 hours a day, and we can't teach him everything.

Then we've had a few spiders come in the house, or try to build a web outside the front door. Yes, I realize we live in the woods, but HOLY MOLEY!

So, these minor irritations have set me off this week and I am not sleeping well again. I hope things calm down!


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