Monday, April 8, 2013

Not again...

We have no idea what to do with our eldest son. His behavior at school is not getting any better and his home behavior is starting to get worse as well.

He talks back to us all the time, says he wants to live with another family that has no rules and an X-box (our boys have a big TV in their playroom with a PlayStation and a Wii). J's patience with him is running out and I feel like I am stuck in the middle, trying to be the peacekeeper, once again. He breaks down in tears at every little thing he has to do or correct or work on. It's like he is already a teenager!!

To top it all off, the day we left Ohio, my Dad went into the hospital. He doesn't remember anything that happened on Friday and got released on Sunday. I kind of got upset with him and told him straight up that he had to move in with us. He just has to. Him living alone, with no one to help care for him, or take him to the doctors is just not acceptable anymore.

All of this is causing me so much stress and confusion, that I feel anxiety attacks knocking. I feel like I want to run away and just wait things out and let everyone work things out on their own, and then I'll come back when things are quiet and taken care of and normal again.

But, that is not how life is. That is not what being an adult is. That is not responsible at all.

J said that if S doesn't show improvement, we are going to the doctor's to try and figure out what is going on and if he needs medication or not. Not that I think medications are bad things, but that is the VERY last option I want to resort to.

I have no idea what to say or do anymore. I hope something gets better soon, or I'll be in the loony bin, hugging myself.


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