Monday, December 10, 2012


For some reason, I can't seem to see certain friends and their status updates on the So, I have to go to their actual pages and scroll through it to see what I have missed out on. I had a friend that was asking about what would be better..A Nook, or a Kindle for her son for Christmas. One of her friends kept going on and on and on about just getting him a library card. She got down right snotty, in my opinion.

And I quote from her "Or you can spoil him and make him like every other 'I want' kid in America. Personally, I'd go with books."

What the living FUCK?! Yes, my kids have books at all time for their access, I read to them, S reads to A, it's all great. But does giving a child something they would like for Christmas actually be spoiling them??! I hardly think so. My children do not get toys when we go to the store. So Christmas, and Easter and their birthdays are practically the only time they get toys. Every once in a great while, they'll get something from the Dollar Store.

I think it was beyond ridiculous for this so called "friend" of hers to say that her children are going to be spoiled, or act like every little spoiled brat in America. If they were my friend..they wouldn't be after I told them to pull that corn cob out of their ass. She wrote 3 different comments about the library card thing. Shut up, already!!

I have no problems with people suggesting things, or maybe giving a new idea or perspective, but when it boarders on someone calling someone else's kid a spoiled brat..or even go as far as to insinuate that you are a bad Mother for ever thinking of it, well, that just knots up my panties. I'm not saying there aren't children out there who aren't spoiled so much, it hurts your heart. But, I am saying that once in a blue moon, when a child asks for something they'd like, on Christmas no less, then I don't think it's a big deal at all!

I don't think my friend's kiddos look spoiled, I don't think any of my friend's kids look spoiled! I don't think they are being a brat for asking for something. S himself has asked for an Ipad..(ha ha kid, not unless Mom gets one first!!). Giving in, every once in a great while isn't going to turn your kid into some sort of monster. Her boys look sweet, well rounded and active in all sorts of things.

Seriously, that bitch would not be my friend after I told her what she could do with that library card.

Sorry for the language, I'm very hormonal this month. I may be missing my uterus and an ovary and tube, but I still get hormonal surges every month!

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  1. Carrie said...
    lol - I saw that post too and was like "woah, there lady! simmer down now!"

    Something apparently had her panties all twisted about the whole thing.

    I would love to get an IPad for Kasen - he'd love it so much and I would enjoy having my computer back. Maybe some day... when prices aren't ridiculous.

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