Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crap on a stick

So this Saturday, we decided to go to the Etowah Indian Mound historical site. I know, I boring! But we are the type of parents who takes our kids to such places like that and battlefields and they ask to go back. We are happy to oblige them! They really do learn, and have a good time. S gets to work on his reading by reading the signs they had out, and A gets to work on his talking since it's a slower pace, and we can talk to each other more without the TV or Playstation blaring over all of us.

However. It was not a nice trip for my legs or my back. Even my left hand started to swell. I hate that it will always be like this, and it doesn't matter if I lose all the weight in the world. I will still have to deal with the pain of having a ruined back. We climbed up a mound that had 150 stairs to the top. It was great, and we all did it. They weren't even normal sized stairs, they were stairs that were shorter, and wider than normal ones. It was an awesome view.

Would I do it all again, knowing that I'd still be in pain, 3 or more days after? I would, in a heartbeat. It was hot and humid out and it was a lot of fun to get outside with the kids, and then go back inside, and cool off and see what the little museum had. They each got a little necklace. A's is an arrowhead and S's is a little turtle made out of fake bone. It has already come off, but it's an easy fix.

So even though I am in pain, I'm glad my  kids had fun, and I have lots of pictures for their memories!

Next stop: The possibility of us going to FLORIDA!! I can't wait! We haven't told the kids yet, just in case we can't make it, but I'm sure they will have lots of fun on the beach and swimming in the ocean!


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