Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's funny??

So my last post was very woe is me and the earth is caving in and zombies are waiting to attack me from my shower, so I've decided to do a funny post. But first, let me explain that last post just a little.

It was a post written about my friend. Someone I would have readily called my sister from another mister. I knew her for a very very long time. Over the last 6+ months, I felt that we were slowly drifting in opposite directions, but clung to the hope that our friendship was stronger than that, it had always been before.  I don't know what happened, or why, but I decided to play passive aggressive and just end it after about 4 months of struggling to start a conversation. No emails back and forth as to why, no goodbyes, just a defriending on facebook and moving on. Maybe that was a bad choice for me, but what's done is done. No going back now, right? Also, there are only a few people that I consider real friends, and I know absolutely  no one in Georgia. No friends here, a few family members and my husband and kids, so I took my friends very seriously and loved being able to talk to them. So when the communication stopped, that for me pretty much meant that being friends stopped as well. So there you have it.

Anyhow, so on to this post, it's going to be a funny post, but not a funny ha ha post but a funny HA HA post. Total difference you see. Totally.

So I sit and read about all these actors and singers and think, "Oh, dude! They are TOTALLY older than me! Rhianna..Lady much older than me! The kids from Glee are so much older than me too."

Turns out, not so much. Everyone who I think is totally older than me, ISN'T! It just turns out they are way way way more successful and well, richer, than I ever hope to be. So yeah, that's just in your face funny.

Then it's on to real life. I don't know why, but I always expect parents who have the same age kids as I do to be totally my age. Wrong again. Here they are, hauling 3-4 kids around, and they are YOUNGER than me too! What. The. Crap.


So life will go on. Tomorrow, I will send my youngest baby off to his last day of Pre-K, headed next year to Kindy.. never thinking in a MILLION FREAKING YEARS that this day would come.

And then on Friday, I'll send my eldest, my former 25 week preemie, off to his last day of 1st grade, headed to 2nd...still never ever ever ever thinking that this day would come either.

I'm going to look into a surgery that permanently sews your eyelids open so you cannot blink because before I know it, they will both be grown, with families and kids of their own, making their own memories and ways in the world.

3 words sum up what I'm feeling right now.

Heartbroken and excited.

Now that, truly, is funny ha ha.


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