Monday, May 21, 2012

Gout and Coffee!!!

I'm not much of a coffee drinker. I don't own a coffee maker, or filters or the actual coffee. There was once upon a time when I was pregnant with S that I loved the SMELL of coffee, but I never drank it, just made a few pots a day and dumped them when I got through sniffing them or when the good smell wore off. Aside from Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate, I do NOT like hot drinks and hot milk actually makes me want to vomit. My Cappuccino has to be French Vanilla or just regular Vanilla flavor or it's a no go as well. I do like the Starbucks Cold Frappuccinos that you can buy at the gas stations and such. They are so high price though, that I rarely have them, maybe one or two a month, but I get the hot Cappuccinos because I love the gas station kind and they are really really cheap for a HUGE Styrofoam cup.

And then, I saw this at the grocery store and I am totally in love. I am not being paid to write about this product, nor reimbursed in any way, shape or form from International Delight my own little personal review here. Just thought I would make that clear.

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this is! Mix a few ice cubes in it, or drink it without and it's, hands down, one of the best thing I've ever spent money on. Well, besides the birth of my kids, that is!

It is a little on the pricey side. Especially when you drink (like me) about 4 glasses of the stuff! I think we paid around $3.89 for the half gallon. When I get it again, though, I will only be drinking about a cup a day instead of indulging like I did this first time around.

Last Wednesday my foot started hurting and by Friday morning, I was diagnosed with having Gout. Well frack in a bag, that's just great! Gout is another form of Arthritis and Lord knows I need even more arthritis in my body. Gee thanks. Not. Spent money at my family doctor, only to be given some medication that doesn't even work and a pain shot. Never mind my heart rate was 105 and my blood pressure was skyrocketing from the horrid amount of pain I was in. By Saturday morning, I was still in a ton of pain, crying every time a gnat landed on my toe and wanting an amputation from a back alley doctor without sedation. So since it was Saturday, I landed in the E.R. only again, to be given a pain shot, and two pills that, in the end, the doctor didn't want to write me because "he didn't like the looks of the side effects of it". So I've got to call my doctor back in the morning, and tell him what happened, and I'm sorry, but he can call me some junk in because I'm not paying YET ANOTHER Co-pay to still have the same thing 3 days later. J has gout, has lived with it for a couple of years and the stuff that they gave me in the E.R. is what he takes when he has a flair up, so he has no idea why they wouldn't give it to me. All I know is that something better be done soon to help get me out of this pain and get this flair up down or I'm going to lob off my own foot with a rusty hacksaw.

So here's the good thing. Coffee is actually GOOD for Gout attacks! Ha! So now I can enjoy this new stuff I found and not worry. The only problem now is, Gout flair ups are easy to get and everything, including dieting, eating lots of red meats or just meat in general, shellfish, asparagus and other things like that are big huge No No's!

Another reason on my ever growing list of reasons to have gastric bypass surgery.

So here is my new favorite coffee drink! They have the vanilla flavor, mocha and regular. Try it, you will not be disappointed!


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