Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It struck!

So a while back I wrote about stereotypes and how I now seem to fit into one category. Which really sucks because I am SO not like that. But here is the topic I wrote about: Sterotypes.

Seems this problem came into play this past week when I encountered my first gout attack. It all started last Wednesday, and by Friday I was in agonizing pain and headed to the doctor. He prescribed me 3 pills and some steroids. All which didn't work. On Saturday, I went into the E.R. because I just wanted someone to do something to help the swelling and hurt and get the problem under control and back to healing. I got a shot and two pills and sent home with nothing to help. Called my doctor back on Monday, and he told me to go see a podiatrist. So on Tuesday, I headed to the E.R. again. My foot was so swollen that you could see red and purple little veins everywhere. My big toe was 3 times bigger than it has ever been and I was starting to have secondary pain in my knee and leg and hip and back because of the way I had to walk. My left foot was so swollen that I could not put it down evenly on the floor and had to walk, with the help of my cane, on the outer side of my foot. I had to have a discussion with the doctor when he suddenly came out and said..Well, you are already on high doses of narcotics. I was like..what?? He gave me the name and number of Lortab I received about a month ago. I said yes, I get them for my back pain. But the way he said it made it sound like I was there only for the pain. I looked at him and said, I don't care about the pain, pain can be controlled, I want my foot better, I want the swelling to go away and I want to be on the path to it healing so I can figure out what I need to do next about not having this happen again.

In the end, he gave me some meds like J gets with his gout attacks and I'm slowly getting better. No one should have to live a week in that amount of pain and being hurt that bad because they take pain medication every month. I am a responsible person who ONLY takes my medication how it's prescribed and yet I got treated like someone who takes Meth.

Since our family physician seemed to have dropped the ball and then tried to place the blame on someone else, we will be finding a new doctor. That whole "First do no harm" quote is totally gone in this day and age.


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