Thursday, April 5, 2012

I did it and other junk

So I did get that last packet of paperwork out on Wednesday! Good thing too, because I was reading that you only had 10 days to fill it out and send it back in or risk everything being delayed. Not that I have high hopes of being approved my first go round, but I didn't need something else gumming up all the work I've done! So now we'll just wait for the approval, or denial letter, or more paperwork and we'll go from there!

I've been moody this week. One might wonder how in the world someone with only one tube and one ovary left could be moody at all. Well, I'm here to tell you that yes, you still have mood swings and still get hormonal and emotional, even without all the other female stuff. I also still get pimples when I get hormonal as well. Hoping it ends soon!

Also, a few weeks ago, I tried going on a low carb diet again. I did great for two weeks, but then started noticing some not so nice things. I love meat, and when I tried the low carb diet years ago, I did wonderful, I should have stayed on it, but I got pregnant and there for a while, meat made me sick. But this time around, I tried to figure out why I wasn't tolerating it like last time. The only thing I can think that is different is that I no longer have a gallbladder.  Some websites are saying it matters, others are saying it doesn't, some are saying it does but you can adjust what you eat. We'll see.

I also must be the only parent among my friends that doesn't let her kids on the computer. Now granted, I made S and A a profile so they can get on here and I password protected every little thing and I said what website they can and can't get onto. I like this new computer, it lets me set it for things like too much violence, talk of sex, or drugs, anything like that. I'm not trying to keep my kids from the real world, but they are only 7 and 5, so they should be kept from most things at this age. As they grow up, I will let them learn what is age appropriate. Also, seriously, they won't have a Facebook account until they are like, 15 or 16. I don't care what type of security you can have on there, it's not worth it to me and I don't see how it's important to their development anyhow. Also, they aren't getting a cell phone until at least High School. You see 4th and 5th graders running around with them and it's But, that's their parent's choice, so more power to them!

There are storms moving into the area, and I'm not totally freaking out. It's thundering and lightning out, and I still took the dog outside and wasn't all panicked to get back inside. I think I'm getting better. But, we haven't had a HORRID storm yet this spring, so I can't really tell on that just yet.

J got two new air conditioners. A small one for our bedroom and a big one for the living room area. He's hoping it will cut costs this summer and keep us cooler. Our central air is just NOT keeping our place cool and it's costing us a TON of money during the summer. We'll replace all that sooner or later, and replacing the duct work and insulation under the trailer as well.

Hopefully my car will go into the shop and get head gaskets put on next week. We've been waiting forever on this one guy, but he's been saying for almost a month now that he's backed up. J might have found someone else to do it for the same price, too. I need my car, especially for this summer to make it to my Pain Specialist appointments because you are not allowed to bring your children with you, so that means J needs to stay home with them when they are out of school and I can't drive J's car because it's a stick shift and I can't drive those types of cars! J can fix my car himself, but he doesn't want to. He's afraid of breaking something, which will, in turn, cost even more to fix what he broke. So yeah, he'll just sent it off to get fixed. Oh, and if I didn't mention it, we got rid of my Mazda MX-6 and bought a really nice Chevy Corsica. It will do until we figure out what's going on with my disability claim. If I win it, then we'll be getting a new mini-van for sure! Here's a picture of my new to me car. It has no rust spots and it runs pretty good for it being a 1996!

Whew, that was a long post about a lot of junk. Have fun trying to get through all of that!


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