Monday, April 2, 2012

For The Laughs of it all!

So I've made it known to just about everyone I know that I'm filing for Disability. So far, I've done everything they have asked of me. I've filled out paperwork, more paperwork and the release for my medical history. Awesome. But, I got a surprise in the mail on Friday. 3 big packets of MORE paperwork. They sent one to J because I listed him as someone who knows about me and is closest to me.

Contained in these forms are, but are not limited to, if I can shave my legs, take a bath or take care of my hair. If I can cook, clean, or drive. I was ready for just about every question they could throw at me, but I had to pause and laugh if it asked if I could shave! I mean, really??!! Who cares if I go around looking like Chewbacca! Obviously, the government does! Then another packet is asking about my job history, I'm supposed to back up 15 years! Say what?? I can't remember what I did a couple years ago, let alone 15!! So that will be interesting.

J has already filled out his packet of paperwork, I filled out the one where they want to know about my shaving abilities or lack thereof. They will be shipped off tomorrow, and I'll be working on the one about the jobs for a couple more days, hopefully I will get that sent out on Wednesday. Hopefully.

I meant to post this last night, but for some odd reason, our Internet went out for about 30 minutes and I forgot to post it before I went to bed. Still working on the last packet of paperwork, so hopefully, they will be ready to ship out tomorrow afternoon!


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