Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've more than well documented my sleeping issues on here and the majority of people who know me in real life know how I struggle with sleep. If I had that I was in a relationship with sleep, I'd have to list it as "It's complicated" on Facebook.

Here is what I can't understand though. Why my body feels so exhausted, so run down and weary and ready for bed, that when I try to go to sleep, it doesn't happen. I am in physical pain, with varying degrees of ok to horrid throughout the day, so I know I want to sleep, I know my body needs to sleep. I just can't get everything to relax at once.

Even with medication, narcotic pain medication, muscle relaxers and a sleep aide, my body still fights itself all night long. If I feel even a twinge of an oncoming charlie horse in my calf muscle, I know my butt better get up and work it out or I'm going to be in for a world of hurt, screaming and tears. The problem with that is, that all night long, I have those twinges all night, forcing me to literally jump out of bed, which scares the crap out of my poor husband. I think I'm starting to do it in my sleep, because there are times when J will say, "How many freeking leg cramps did you have last night?" and I'll only be able to remember one for sure and he'll look at me So yeah.

Add onto that, the fact that the allergy levels here in Georgia are THROUGH THE ROOF, and that just makes for a wonderful time to try and sleep. Allergy levels in the 500's are considered high, well lately, they've been near 10,000. Normally, I'm ok during allergy season, but even this season has left me with headaches and sneezing and watery eyes.

Ok, this post is really getting me nowhere because I'm so tired, it's all jumbled and topics are skewed and I just need to try and sleep. Busy day tomorrow, hello benedryl, will you be my friend tonight?



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