Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've touched on the subject of Santa before, but this is a different kind of Santa post.

S is now in the first grade. I know that a lot of kids don't believe in Santa at this point, but geesh..I was almost 9 or 10 before I found out there wasn't a Santa! He's not even 7 yet! He's been dropping hints and asking questions. Some like "Is there really a Santa?" "Can I see him when he lands?" "How does his reindeer fly?". I hate hate hate that we are sort of "lying" to him, but I really want to see the wonder and magic in my kids' eyes and face when they tear open their gifts on Christmas Day.

I know he's asking all of this because of kids in school, and I don't want him labeled as a baby or anything like that. Also, if we tell him now, he'll go and tell A and mock A about it. S has a big mouth like his mother (heh heh), and will either tell A on accident or tell  A on purpose.

I've heard people on the opposite end say that they will not tell their kids that there is a Santa. That it is lying to them and that they will be mad, hurt and upset when you do tell them the truth. So why start off with a lie?

Ok, people, I don't remember being upset or hurt or mad at my parents when they told me that Santa didn't exist. It's not like I'm holding some sort of grudge 20+ years later!

In closing, kids should be kids. There should always be wonder and excitement and magic in their little lives. All too soon, they will be adults and battling their way through this harsh world. So why, exactly, can't we give them a little magic while they are young?


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