Monday, December 26, 2011

Back To Normal

Another Christmas has come and gone already. It's only the day after and we are in the process of taking everything down. It's funny how differently people can be raised. I am from Ohio and J is from Georgia and in Ohio, we were always taught to NEVER take down the Christmas tree before the New Year or it's bad luck. In Georgia, J was always taught to take it down before the clock reaches midnight on New Year's Eve or it's bad luck. So far, I don't think either of those traditions has worked. Ugh!

The boys' had a great Christmas. They were really into it this year and wanted to open all of their gifts at once instead of waiting to play with the gift they just opened before moving onto the next. They helped me clean up, and except for a few scuffles, Christmas morning was great.

But, it's back to normal and soon, the kids will be back in school. I got hurt back in November at a restaurant and they are finally paying my E.R. bill and Doctor bill.

I haven't been sleeping right again, and it's starting to stress me out. My shoulders and neck are sore and tense and I'm getting headaches sometimes. I'm going to start some Tylenol PM and see how that works again. I'm so tired of my sleeping problems. I have no reason to not sleep. My kids are great sleepers, my husband works 3rd, so I don't even have to share a bed. I have a big dog to let me know if something isn't right, so I'm not scared of anything. I will either fall asleep early and sleep for a few hours and then be up until early morning, then crash mid-morning for a nap. This isn't all that great right now, because the kids are out of school and I want to be awake for them and play with them. Not taking a power nap on the couch! It's getting old, pretty quickly. I think it's starting to stress me out because the older I get, the more I worry on things.

I have avoided caffeine today, so maybe tonight will be an easier night. Speaking on which, I think I'll start off my night by taking a hot shower and melting away these aches and pains. I just hope these recent aches and pains don't mean I'm coming down with some sort of sickness soon!


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