Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So, all women know there is a price to beauty. Shaving of the legs and arm pit hair and plucking or waxing this or that. Makeup just right and hair did with the current style of the day. But I can honestly say that I don't do those sorts of things.

I really didn't start wearing makeup until I was in my 20's because growing up, and even into my teen years, I was never allowed to. My hair was always kept short and not even clear nail polish was to adorn my fingernails. But, when I did start wearing makeup, I never did religiously. I wore it when I was shopping or going somewhere special. That's pretty much it.

The shaving of the legs. Yeah..I do that. In the summer time. I admit, I don't shave my legs nearly as much during the winter because, well...why?? I know, I'm not French and I'm not in France. I'm in the the good ole USA in the wonderful state of Georgia. But BAH I say! It's not going to kill me, and hopefully not stab my husband, if I don't shave for a couple of weeks...umm..months...is it?

I also admit to having "Mommy" hair. When I left my short hair behind in 1996, I decided I was going to have long hair always. So, pretty much after the moment S was born, my hair has gone into a pony tail and is rarely seen let down. My kids are older so there should be no excuse for me to not let it down. But, I just find it easier to do. When it is down, I pretty much fantasize about putting it back up. It's like a drug. I'm hooked on the "Mommy" hair. That's sad.

I still don't wear nail polish. My step mother scratched some barely there pink nail polish my mother lovingly put on off of every single one of my finger nails with the end of one of those metal nail files tucked in the fingernail clippers. Never really gotten over the feel of it being scratched off my nails and how it made me feel like a horrible person to even be wearing it. I tried some on one finger the other night, and immediately wiped it off before it could dry. I did not want to have to scrape it off. I do, during the summer, occasionally wear some color on my toenails.

So there you have it. I'm not very girly at all when it comes to all things beauty and fashion and style. But that's ok. I still have a husband who adores me and boys who occasionally think I hung the moon. That last part is mainly for when they are getting what they want from me.


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