Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I enjoyed parts of this summer with the boys. They are getting older and older and easier to take places. Our main hangout, Carter's Lake, is now becoming a quick memory. Lots of great moments and one or two bad ones, but so worth the packing up of the food and toys for each trip over there. Maybe in a few years, we'll be ready for a two or three day camping trip.

But, as much enjoyment as I got out of the boys, I am ready for summer to be over and school to be here. I can tell they are starting to get on each other's nerves and the bickering and fighting are at an all time high. I never thought I'd be ready to send my kids away from me. It makes me sound like a horrible mother at times. But, I know they both love school and they do pretty well there, so I know that is where they will be happy at and that makes me happy!

I do, however, worry about A and his lack of talking. How in the world will his teacher know when he needs to go to the bathroom or if he's sick? We get to meet his teacher on Friday and hopefully, I'll get to fill her in a little. He has an IEP, so I hope she has read it and helps him all she can. I worried about S too, and all for naught. He'll be riding a bus as well. I 'm going to have to tell the bus driver about his non-communication ways as well. His comprehension is through the roof, so he'll know when she says to sit down and stay put, she means it. He's pretty good at riding in the car with his seat belt on and in the right position, so I don't have any worries there. I still worry about my baby. My last to school already.

On Thursday, we get to meet S's new teacher and go to his open house. I have no doubts he will do just fine. We also have to make sure that his bully is not in the same class. I can't believe my child had a bully in Kindy. I'm also glad I nipped it early. This bully was in his Pre-K class and lived right up the road from us so he rode S's bus and sat with him as well. Also, I hate this bully's mom. I really dislike saying that word, but she is a snotty snob to a "T" and has no reason to be. Two weeks into school last year, S starting talking about this boy and how he says nasty words and has taken his arm and twisted it and has physically hit him. S is the type of kid who likes everyone and didn't report it to the bus driver. As soon as he told me though, I was leaving a message at the bus garage and demanded someone call me the next day or I would ride up there myself. Turns out this bully is nothing but trouble for everyone. His parents, his teachers and his "friends". I found this out from our very chatty bus driver. The bus driver said she would take care of it pronto and told me that the bully was moving anyhow and would no longer be riding her bus. I think I did a jig when she told me that. But, she moved the bully anyhow and two weeks later, they moved. S liked riding the bus again, so that made me happy. I'll be looking at the class list very closely. I know I won't forever get to say who he can be in his class and he'll eventually need to stand up for himself, but for now..this is one thing I can and will do for him.

Also, I finally get to figure out what or if I want to do anything when they are back in school. For the first time in 6 years, I will get to hold a little bit of what my life was before kids in my hand and run with it. Should I go back to school (I would love to be an English teacher)? Should I get a job (thus creating less stress in our household at times)? Should I pick up a hobby or finish unfinished projects (like catching up their baby books)? Should I just enjoy it and stay a homemaker (take a quick nap with the hubby after they are on the bus)? After all, there is still stuff to do when they are in school.

So, all in all, we had a pretty good summer. I'm looking forward to them growing up a little more and us adventuring out more and more to places that interest them and that are fun as well!


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