Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Reader

I was talking in my previous post on how I had some good news about S and school. Turns out..he is the best reader they have seen in a while. Not to mention, he is really good at Math, as well. This all makes me super excited. For one, I love love love to read and remember that all I practically did as a kid and teenager. But, I also remember hating Math. General Math is the worst ever. I barely passed 9th grade General Math..I got a D for the year. But in 10th grade, I took Algebra 1 and passed that year with almost an A. WTF you say? Well, trust me..I'm still saying that years and years later.

So this coming school year something is going to happen that I thought would never happen, or thought we had a long time until it actually happened. Both of our boys will be in school all day long. Looking back, there are definate stages of Motherhood. Pregnancy, New Mommy, Mommy of Toddlers, Mommy of School Age Kids, Mommy of High Schoolers and Mommy of The College Bound Children (otherwise known as Empty Nest Syndrome). Each stage has it's ups and downs and brings you into new contact with other mothers going through this as well. I never noticed how many other Moms there were out there until my kids started going to school.

So, it looks like S will be ok, for now, in the school department. Now to just get A to start talking and hopefully, he'll be ok in school too. I have a feeling that S is going to be our little academic and A will be our little jock. I will just be happy if they both do their very best in school, though.

Even though we have had fun this summer, I'm ready for the kids to go back to school. That will be in about a month. I wonder if I'll cry over A going, since he is my baby...the last baby. Oh well if I do, I guess. I'll get over it and start loving some quite Mommy Time!


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