Friday, March 18, 2011

Those Types Of Kids

I have those types of kids. You know the kind. The kind that don't listen and embarrass you in the stores. The kind of kids that have other parents telling you to spank them, that they won't tell anyone (even if it was mentioned jokingly). The kind of kids that you can't stand to sit next to in a restaurant. I don't know what happened. They used to be so good, we could take them anywhere and get compliments on how wonderful they were. When other kids would be screaming and crying in the shopping carts, my two would be sitting there nice and quiet and never once had a temper tantrum about something they didn't get (they still do this..thank God.) My own gyno doc told A that if he didn't settle down, he was going to have to leave. Talk about embarrassing!!!

S lies all the time now and his back-talking and smart mouth continue to get him in trouble. I'm at a standstill on what to do with him. He's still mean and rough with A, but I know that's just brothers being brothers. A is mean to him all the time too, so it's just not S causing problems there. S also doesn't listen when told not to do something, acts like he doesn't hear you, and does stupid things he KNOWS he shouldn't do.

A is destructive and back talks (well, as much as his non-verbal self can back talk), he is mean to the dog and also doesn't listen to anything we tell him to do. He, also, does stupid things that he's too old to be doing. Like coloring on the bathroom sink and the door.

I hate taking them anywhere now. I hate that I have to put up play doh and crayons and markers and all the fun things that we should be doing. I hate that we can't do those things because it's a big production and doesn't yield a standing ovation at the end. I can no longer do crafts or have them color or do any artwork because they will not listen to anything you say. I used to be that mom that made holiday themed artwork with the kids, and made numbers and letters out of play doh so we could sing the ABC song. I loved when they glue things and colored. I hung things on the fridge all the time.

Now my fridge is bare and my nerves are shot, every day, all day long. I feel like a horrible mother, one who everyone is looking at because I can no longer control my children wherever we go. We've tried everything and I am truly at my wits end and looking into nerve pills to help me through this.

I don't want to have the kids that never get invited anywhere because they don't know how to behave. I don't want to be the parent always saying sorry for something my kid broke, kicked or hurt.

Where did I go wrong? Where do we go from here? What the hell am I going to do? I am at the end of my proverbial rope, the knot has already been tied and I am looking at falling flat on my face. And hard.


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