Sunday, March 6, 2011

He's 4!

A totally crazy thing happened on March 2nd. My baby, my last baby, turned 4 years old. My little 36 6lb 5oz baby turned 4. That is crazy.

Everyone keeps asking me how I feel. How am I supposed to feel? My son is here and is growing and getting that not a testament to my mothering skills? I feel pretty awesome about that. He's going to Pre-K this summer, getting the help he needs in speech therapy, and is a happy kiddo. He's smart, independent, funny, loving, giggly and just plain wonderful. I really really could not ask for anything more.

So we didn't have an actual party for him, because we are planning one at another time, but J did make A a little cake to hold him over. He loved it.

Happy 4th Birthday, A!!


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