Monday, February 21, 2011

White Christmas

So I am back-tracking a little bit. In our area of North Georgia, we saw our first White Christmas in 25 or so years. I say "we" like I've lived here that long or something. But I've been here 12 years, minus a few years for when we lived in Ohio and Alabama.

So anyhow...The Christmas snow was great! It fell very fast and it was great for making snowmen and snowballs and the boys had a great time. So after opening presents, and J making a quick trip up the road to rescue his sister and her boyfriend (J has a 4 wheel drive car and they decided to pull over before they got in an accident), we all went out in the snow. It was seriously like we were all kids again. I haven't played in the snow in such a long time! We tried to sled, and since we didn't really have a proper sled, we made a few redneck versions of a couple. You know, cardboard box, plastic lid, and finally a float that you are supposed to use for swimming. Yeah, well, none of those worked well at all. All the adults who tried look like fish out of water. Flopping and kicking and flailing around just to try to get down a little bit of the hill. Even S and A's weight was too much and those two weigh hardly anything! I think we might invest in a proper sled next year if we get as much snow as we did this year.

Ok, so you know there are going to be pictures, because I'm a freak like that. So, here you go!

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  1. Carrie said...
    I heard that sheet linoleum works very well. Turn it pattern side up so it's nice and slick and hold on! You can get cheap scraps from stores like Lowes, I'm sure, or maybe even Odd Lots.

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