Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Year of Oldness

Another year is coming fast upon us. A will be 4 in just 9 days. He will soon start speech therapy and Pre-K at the end of summer. S will soon be 6 and starting 1st grade at the end of summer. Time really does fly by. I am going to do a post about both boys around their birthdays. I cannot believe I have children as old as I do. What makes me feel even older? Is watching my friends still having babies and watching their kids grow up as well. Very very surreal.

I have to go to the eye doc here soon. I've been having headaches almost every day. It's either my sinus' still hurt from the massive infection I had, or my eye sight is starting to fail me. I'm thinking the last one. I haven't had my eyes checked in in around 15 years. Even then, I needed glasses to read and work on the computer. I just..haven't done that for a very long time.

J got me a few Dean Koontz books that I have read, but haven't in a long long time and a couple that I haven't read. He got them at a thrift store for 50 cents each and I was looking forward to reading "The Bad Place", but when I sat down to open the book, there sat very small print. Darn it! I guess that book will have to wait until after the eye doc appointment! So I started reading "Night Chills" instead.

Don't they say the first thing to go is the eyes..or is it the mind? Either one, I'm starting to come to the peak of the "Over the hill" hill and going down the other side might not be as much fun.

That's pretty much it from here.. I think I hear my bed calling..uh oh..there goes my mind slipping again...........


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