Sunday, May 16, 2010


Tomorrow is another doc's appointment. I hope he releases me to drive. Not that I have anywhere to drive to, but not being allowed to drive this past month has made me stir crazy. I wonder if I'll remember how? :o) Kidding on that one! The right side of my lower back has decided to start hurting. I hope it's just muscular and it will go away soon. I'm also hoping that the doc will give me a few Ambien to help me start sleeping right again. Not that it matters, really. School is almost over and I won't need to get up at 6 a.m. anymore! But, I bet I would feel better if I could sleep like a normal person. Come to think of it, though, I have never really slept like a normal person. I've always had problems with insomnia. I'm exhausted right and could probably take a good nap. J however, is asleep and I do not want to wake him just yet.

S's Pre-K Graduation is this coming Thursday. I cannot wait! I hope I don't turn all girly girl and start crying! We had our last parent-teacher conference last Friday, and S is doing OK. He needs some work in some area's, but I'm hoping he gets a nice Kindy teacher and he catches on quick. His main problem is that S is left handed, and he doesn't want to hold onto a pencil the way you should. I always knew he would be left handed. He used his left hand for everything when he was a baby.

Hmmm..I'm really tired. Maybe I will wake hubby just so I can nap!


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