Sunday, May 16, 2010

Writing help

Since S needs help in writing, I started looking online to see if there was anything to help him learn how to hold a pencil right. He can hold a pencil right with help, but when he doesn't have help, he holds it in his fist, or holds it too loosely.

I found this:

They are called "The Writing Claw" and I cannot wait to use them and help him start writing and holding a pencil right before Kindy! S is a lefty, and they are sometimes more challenging to teach how to hold a pencil. But I'm very very optimistic about these little things! They have good reviews from Physical Therapists and is good for any age group, including adults.

Here is the website to read more about them:

I hope whoever wonders by this blog, needing writing help, can use this info! Good luck!

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