Thursday, May 13, 2010


I posted a long time ago about coming into contact with a couple scorpions in my bed. We lived with my sister in law at the time.

You really have to watch yourself around the Spring and early Winter. That's when you are more likely to see one. Also, I've learned that you can't have piles of things just sitting around, they like that kind of stuff. We've been doing some remodeling on our place, so we have some stuff like left over flooring, and drywall on our porch. So I knew where this little guy came from. Guess we'll definitely be cleaning off the back and front porch this weekend!

It let me take a few pictures of it, then as I turned around to put my camera down and looked back, it was gone! Commence the freaking out stage. I'm OK if I can see them, and then dispose of them, but when one gets away, those fast little things can be ANYWHERE.

I was going to be nice and do the catch and release thing, that's what I normally do, but since it had gotten away from me and got under the couch, it became clear that I just had to kill it. So, I dropped a book on it and flushed it down to a watery grave. Sorry PETA..or PETB (people for the ethical treatment of bugs, not that there really is such a group...umm..I think?)

People are really surprised we have scorpions here. I was surprised at first, and my first encounter with one really sucked and I screamed like a little school-girl, but have pretty much gotten over the shock of seeing one in the house. It startles me at first, as any bug would do, but the freaked out factor of seeing one and doing something about it has passed.

I tend to fall in the habit of shaking out shoes and the beds and blankets before bedtime. It's not a sure thing though. They do crawl and you can still get stung. But their sting is about the same as a bee's sting, and not lethal at all, well, unless you are allergic or something.'s a picture of what was slap dab in the middle of my living room floor this morning. Pretty little thing, isn't it?


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