Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Official

My official surgery date is April 8th. That means I can do go S's Egg hunt at school and spend the holiday with my family before I have surgery. I am so excited about that! I was really dreading the fact that I was going to have to spend Easter in bed, while the boys went out and had fun hunting eggs in the yard, and seeing their faces when they saw their baskets. I'm so happy now!

My leg is really swollen, the calf part of it. It hurts if ANYONE touches it. Meeko rubbed up against it and I literally kicked him away with my other foot. Hopefully, that will go away after surgery too. I'm really looking forward to being pain free and walking without a limp. People really do give you weird looks!

My aunt, in October 2008, found out she had breast cancer, she had both breasts removed and opted not to have reconstructive surgery. She beat that beast in September/October 2009 and was officially declared "in remission". She found out this week, though, that she had cancer again. I was told to come up as soon as possible because it looked like she was in for another horrid fight. They found out on Tuesday, that the cancer was contained in her uterus and she will be having a hysterectomy on April 5th. If it stays in her uterus, and they remove it, she will be in the clear. Thank goodness!! I hate that she has to have surgery, and I hate that she will deal with the side effects of losing her uterus, but they pale in comparison to the fight she would have if she doesn't. I heard the relief in my Grandma's voice when she told me this. Then I heard the relief in my Father's voice when I relayed that same message. I hope this is the end of her battle for a long time.

On the other hand, my pre-op is on April 5th, as well. I have to go to the docs office, pick up paperwork, then swing by the hospital and do labs, a chest x-ray and the other junk that goes along with that. I hate having surgery. I hate that I will be in post-op pain. But, if I want to walk normal again, and be happy, and be a great, pain free mommy to my kids, then I have to do this. I really have no other choice.

Tomorrow, S will be in school and J, A and I will be heading out to get Easter stuff. We are a little late, but hopefully we will still beat the crowds. I have decorations for every holiday, until I found out I have none for Easter, so we'll be getting a few things to hang up around the house as well. S reminds me every day that we have nothing up like his school does.

So the first couple of weeks of April will be a busy one for us.

1st: S has his cap and gown pictures for Pre-K Graduation.
2nd: S's Easter egg hunt and party at school.
4th: Easter. We'll probably have a small dinner and easter egg hunt at home.
5th: My Pre-Op and the start of Spring Break for S.
8th: My surgery and S and A go to daycare while I'm in surgery.
12th: S returns to school

I hope J does OK with taking care of me and the boys and just taking over everything for me. So far, he's done great. He really is the best Husband and Daddy you could EVER ask for. I am very proud of my Husband.

Oh, I think it's bedtime here!


  1. Lisa said...
    I will be thinking about you during your surgery and after! I'll be thinking about your aunt also! How horrible!!!

    Megan (Best of Fates) said...
    I'm so sorry about your aunt and your surgery, though it's great you won't have to miss Easter.
    Megan (Best of Fates) said...
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