Sunday, April 25, 2010

I survived!

First and foremost: Today is S's birthday. He's 5! Who would have thought that my little 25 weeker would fight and win all the odds stacked against him and make it to this day! I have a post for that, but that will be later today. Right now, I can't stop being thrown back into the time of his birth and NICU fights without crying some, so that post will have to wait until later.

So I had my back surgery April 8th. I was really struggling with the fact of if I wanted to do it or not. I was extremely scared. I don't think anyone know how really scared I was, even when I told them how really scared I was! I was going to be put under for 3 hours! I've never been put under that long! But, I got there, and all the nurses and doctors where nice and then they gave me of the "I don't care about anything drugs" and I really didn't care about anything after that.

When I woke up...massive pain. Worse than my gallbladder surgery. I just wanted someone to shove some drugs in my IV and make it go away. Turns out, I got my own little machine with a button I could press that gave me Demerol every 8 minutes. Nice. Double Nice! I got sick to my stomach a few times, and with some Zofran in my IV, I was ok! The food was terrible. The only good thing was a crispy chicken salad I had the first day and then after that. Yuck Yuck Yuck! So, I'm pretty sure I lost 5-7 pounds while I was there 3 days. Physical Therapy came in on day 2 and helped me get up. I was dizzy at first and then I was ok. I walked a few steps and then the next time they came..I got to brush my teeth and walk the hallway some. By the 3rd day, I was doing fine and ready to go home.

I won't kid you. Recovery has been slow and frustrating. I still hurt and I'm slow. I need help sometimes to get up out of bed or sitting on the couch. I'm still not cleared to drive and walking long distances still wears me out a bit. I feel trapped at home and I feel my mind beginning to slip a little. But I know that I'll be free here in a few weeks. I hope they release me to drive in May at my next doctor's appointment.

S will be done with school on May 21st. I can't believe he'll be going to Kindergarten!! After I fully heal..I will be working hard on getting A potty trained. He is such a stubborn little boy!! He gets it from his Daddy, I'm sure! Heh. And probably a little from Mommy too!

That's it until my birthday post to S! TTFN!


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