Thursday, February 18, 2010

So what's goin' on?

So we got our tax refund and spent it accordingly. We got a new leather living room suite. Sofa, love seat and rocker/recliner. It's very very nice and big and soft and comfy! J got a new to him car that he's been drooling over. A Subaru GL..late 80's with only 50 thousand on the newly put in motor. It's 4 wheel drive and he is in love with this car. It makes life easier! No more dropping S off at school, only to run down the road to pick J up at work. We also paid our property taxes and are in the process of paying off the majority of our bills and J has paid off a bill we recently found out we owed to a hospital in Alabama. I swear if he ever wants to move back to that God forsaken state, I'm divorcing him and moving back to Ohio. But, that's another post altogether. Ha!

For all my troubles of running around with J in the cold and snow, I have ended up with Asthmatic Bronchitis. Which is weird because I've never been diagnosed with Asthma. Doc said my lungs sounded horrible and wheezy and was surprised I didn't have pneumonia. I got a steroid shot in the rump, with 4 prescriptions for more oral steroids, antibiotics, an inhaler and some cough syrup with narcotics in it. That is a fun ride, let me tell ya, and I only take one teaspoon every 4-6 hours!

Leroy got a new medicated shampoo tried on his back and rear end area. I think the poor dog is suffering with some sort of allergy or just a constant need to itch his back. The past few months I have tried everything I can think of, and when I saw this shampoo sitting on the shelf, I got the feeling that I needed to try it. I LOVE IT. It has really worked wonders and has improved his itching and redness 100% . When he starts to itch again, which it's been almost a week since the first treatment, he gets another bath. Hopefully all this cold and snow has killed off the majority of fleas in the yard for this summer, but he'll be getting a healthy dose of the flea stuff on the neck, so no worries there. But this shampoo was well worth the $5! I need to write that company and tell them how wonderful it's been!

I really really need to go to bed. Next post up? Lots of bitching about the so called "snow days" they have used up already and how they plan on making them up. It's laughable to call off school for a dusting of snow on the roads. But that's it for now!


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