Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh Sickies!

S got sick on Thursday. Started running a fever, and complaining of his throat being sore. So in to the doc he went. Oh man. Turns out, his adenoids are HUGE and since he was throwing up, the doc decided to put him on anti-nausea meds. Only it was the kind that went into places that is only labeled "out". Poor little guy and poor me!! The meds said to give him a whole or a half of one, but I played it safe and gave him half of a half. He did really good and didn't complain and I was as gentle as one could possibly be. I felt like an evil evil mommy! Turns out, he was fine and I watched him for any adverse reactions for 10-15 minutes then sent him to bed. That was around 10:30 p.m. That's a very long day for my kiddos, normally they are in bed by 9 at the very latest. But, since S wasn't going to school on Friday, I let them stay up and watch a few more cartoons on Disney.

2:30 a.m. rolls around and I hear S SCREECHING from his bed. I ran in there and he started screaming at me that they are biting him and it itches and how scared he was. I looked him over for any obvious bite marks, found nothing and decided then and there that he was NOT getting any more anti-nausea stuff. He's never had any meds but antibiotics so I have no idea how he's going to react until he gets new stuff. more of that.

I'm afraid he's going to have to have his tonsils and adenoids out. It freaks me the hell right out of my skin. So I told the people I care about about how scared I am if that were to happen and I get the usual "He'll be ok, he's a big, healthy kid now, he'll be fine". So not what I want to hear. Of course, I don't want to hear the opposite of that either, I just want people to listen to me bitch about how scared I am. You see, when he was in the NICU, he had to have laser eye surgery for his ROP and of course, had to be put under. All the doctors and nurses assured me that he was going to be fine. It's a simple surgery, they said. He'll be off the vent in a couple of days, they told me. Well, that turned out to be utter bull crap. We almost lost him several times. We watched out son turn grey, and his heart rate plummet and the NICU nurses and doctors surrounding him, bagging him, talking to him. It was like I was in a horrible nightmare. I just stood there and watched. I didn't think anything, I didn't feel anything, I didn't do anything. Finally, after a few more times of that through the course of 2 days, we found out that they had really reallllyyyy put him under and he was having a hard reaction to the meds. He just wasn't waking up because they had put him under so deep. Then he started with the bronchial-spasms. Can I tell you how heart wrenching it is to watch your baby gag and gag and gag against the tube in his throat? was bad. Also? This one student doc kept giving him Ativan. We called her Ativan Annie. I told S's head doctor to not give him anymore Ativan, to try something a little less harsh. If she didn't, I was going to request him to be moved to back to the hospital he was born at.

So anyhow, so that's why I'm scared he'll have to have surgery, that and his mild BPD . I just can't go through all that again, once is enough.

The cat is also sick. His eyes are goopy, and he's coughing a little, so there are meds on board for him too. J and A and I are the only ones who aren't horribly sick (I'm now taking a moment to knock on some wood). I can't wait for spring and summer. I hope S's immune system will be a lot stronger for Kindergarten in August!

One can only hope anyhow...


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