Friday, January 29, 2010

Truckin' On

Things are good here. Besides the fact that I had some severe computer detox symptoms. I didn't think I was going to make it. I'm glad my sister in law has a friend that can fix these things. How in the world a massive virus got through 3 virus protection things, I'll never know!

S's first parent teacher conference went well. As I sat down to talk to his teacher, I made a comment to her saying I felt like I was in trouble all the sudden. Kind of like the bad student has to talk to the teacher kind of thing. She just laughed at me. S's progress is going great in school! He knows all of his letters, even just by looking at them, can count to 21 (he has yet to do this at home for me though), can count to 5 in Spanish and knows all his shapes and colors. He can do patterns and knows the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence. He is curious about everything and enjoys the Science area of school the most. He's very interested in his environment. There are a few things that he needs to work on. He can't put his shoes on, he won't swing on the swings right (he just lets go of the chain and falls off) and he needs to work on learning how to button and snap his pants. Other than that, he is right on course with every other student in there!

I'm going to stop there and say just how relieved I am to hear his teacher brag about him. How I loved hearing her say that she has no concerns and that he falls within normal ranges of everything. As a Mother to a Micro preemie, I've always worried about S and his milestones. I've always watched out for things that he should or shouldn't be doing. I don't think that will ever end, but it's nice to know that for now, things are fine and I need to relax. Even if something was wrong and he needed extra help, I wouldn't care, he would get that extra help in a heartbeat, but it just does MY heart good knowing things are great. At the beginning of the year, he did have some socialization therapy. He just liked to play on his own too much and didn't really interact with the other kids. That was one of my concerns and the main reason I pushed for him to be in Pre-K. He is doing great now and the teacher said that they are done with that therapy. He plays and interacts with everyone now.

I can't believe he's going to be 5 soon! And in a real school..a really real, honest to goodness, public school! I never thought this day would come! Very surreal! But they are going to be doing Kindergarten registration soon, and then it will be very real.

A is being his bratty self. I hope he calms down soon. He'll be 3 in March!! He's still not talking a whole lot, and I'm a little worried, but not so worried that I'm going to rush out to the doctor. S didn't talk until he was 3, and A is shaping up to be the same way it looks like. A does say words and does know what things are. That's why I'm not so worried just yet. A is also very very destructive and likes to throw temper tantrums and sometimes he is just too much for me to handle. I am thinking of putting him in daycare, just so he can interact with other kids and learn what's right and wrong to do and to have fun. Then Mommy can get a break in the form of a part time job. I wouldn't even care if it was a job at the Dollar Store, I'd take it!

Our trip to Ohio is coming up soon! We will hopefully be up there Mid to Late July. I'm so excited! I haven't been to my home state in almost 3 years. I haven't seen my Family and Friends in that long and it kills me! I can't wait to see my Dad and Grandparents and Mom. I also plan on stopping by the cemetery to pay my respects to my Grandpa. I still miss him like crazy. We have a very full schedule planned for our trip. I hope we can get it all done in time!

Ok, I am tired. Nothing exciting here ever goes on. So there's my boring post for the night. I need to post some pictures, but will another day.


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