Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It lives!!!

Yup, I am back. Our computer had a major meltdown and had to be completely restored. What a pain in the arse! Lots has gone on here lately, and hopefully, I will get to share some of those things. I will leave you with some things to ponder.

Did you know that Valium doesn't work for me? Darn dental phobia!

I have to have not one, but TWO teeth pulled. I'm living up to the redneck image here in the south.

A gets mistaken for being a student in S's Pre-K class all the time. It's a riot!

I had my first parent teacher conference and as I sat down, I asked S's teacher why did I feel like I was in trouble all the sudden? Ha!

S is doing wonderful in school. He is up to par with all his peers and is only lacking in a few things. Such as being able to swing and button his pants and put on his shoes. I am one proud Mom though!

A will be 3 here soon and S will be 5. That's craziness.

That's all..more later!


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