Thursday, August 6, 2009

We did it!

The first day of Pre-K is over. All the anticipation and butterflies in my tummy where all for naught. It was very anti-climatic. He didn't cry. I didn't cry. We just dropped him off, gave him a hug and a kiss and told him I would be back soon to pick him up. He said, "Ok Momma, Bye". That was it. I went and got him and asked the teachers how he was. They said he was good. There was one time he got up from what they were doing, but after re-directing him back, he was fine. The only time he even mentioned J and I was when it was nap time. But, he talked a little and then fell asleep and was fine. I guess he really likes the science area of the classroom. That makes me all happy because I really loved Science when I was in school too.

One odd thing that I'm going to bring up to the teachers tomorrow is: He came home with completely wet shoes and socks. His poor little feet were all white and pruney. He said he got it from playing in the sand box. I don't care that he got wet, I just feel bad because I forgot to pack extra socks and shoes for him. Knowing that his poor little feet had to stay wet like that breaks my heart. I don't even think the teachers knew.

I do think he has a crush on the younger assistant teacher. His seat is right next to her and he said, "Ms. Natosha is my best buddy". It was so cute!!

I am off here to see what I'm going to make for breakfast..and make sure some more things are packed for Samuel in case he gets wet socks and shoes again!

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  1. the Provident Woman said...
    I have my second child going into preK next week and my oldest going into 1st grade. I'm a little nervous. They keep telling me not to worry, they're big girls.

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