Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here it comes!

So the first day of Pre-K is fast approaching for my S. He's super excited and I really hope he does well. I am just so nervous that he'll be picked on, or they will say there is something wrong with him and that he needs to go somewhere else because he isn't teachable. Silly notions, really. I really thought I was OK with him going. But, now that the time is closing in, I'm getting anxious. I'm going to try to quiet those thoughts down, and just go with the flow. He isn't my itty bitty baby anymore, he's all grown up, with a mind of his own and thoughts and feelings and an attitude all his own. So I'm just going to have to chill out and take what comes.

I did not put on his Pre-K application that he was a preemie. They didn't ask, so I'm for sure not going to give that information up. It's really no one's business. I've heard that some of the Kindy applications go into further detail, and if that's true, then I'll have to decide what to do. On one hand, it's not OK to lie, but on the other, I will do what I need to do to ensure my son isn't pigeon-holed into some group that he shouldn't be. S is very smart. I, at times, even think he is smarter than me. I'm hoping both boys do well at school, since I really didn't enjoy school that much. J did, and J did well in school. Let's hope they get their brains from him!

So I leave you with a picture. This is S's backpack for school that his Grandma and Step-Grandpa got him. He is in love with it and asks about it daily. I have to keep it up, because if I don't, A's little fingers will have it tore up in no time flat.

Here's hoping for an easy transition to school and loving it!!


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