Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Day of School Cries

I know a lot of mothers cry at their kids' first day of school. I totally expect to do that. For S's first day of Pre-K and Kindy. I was talking to my best friend tonight, and we reflected on the whole crying as they walk into school for the first time thing.

I proceeded to tell her that I will cry, but my crying will be for a different reason. My crying will be because he wasn't even supposed to make it this far, and here he is, getting ready to attend school. I cry out of pride and out of awe of my son. In all of his struggles thus far and struggles yet to come, we will take on gladly. Struggles mean you are living, you are doing and you are eventually going to succeed. He struggled for life at the beginning of his life. He struggled to grow and be on track for his age. Now his struggle will be navigating school, and just like his other struggles, he will conquer them and come out a better person.

I can't wait to see him grow into a young man and accomplish whatever he wants. They say people have dreams. My dream is to see my boys grow up to be good men, to have a good and smart head on their shoulders, to be compassionate to all living things, and to do what THEY want to do in life and succeed and be happy with their life. That's all I ask for, that's all I dream of.

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  1. ~Denise~ said...
    I love this entry, one of my favorites. You are a fantastic mommy!

    Unfortunately not everyone can see the accomplishment within the struggles, it's always a good reminder to hear about them.

    Thank you, and bravo for the first day of school!

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