Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Germs everywhere!

So, A is feeling much better today. He did not run a fever all day, so I did not have to do the switching up of Mortin and Tylenol. His eyes were bright and perky and he was back to his romping self.

S, on the other hand, is sick. I have no idea how or why. He's been running a fever, lethargic, and even vomited. He said his head hurt, and he has the chills. I'm thinking flu, but who knows. I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day for my little man. I really hope it's nothing and will pass in a day or so. He's really excited about the fireworks and I would hate to break his heart.

I got a call from the Pre-K S will be attending in a little over a month!! I am so excited and nervous!! Anyhow, they were just calling to make sure he'll be attending, and to let us know when their little Open House is. Orientation or whatever it's called. J will get to go with us, so now I am really excited! Every time we drive past S's school, he lets us know that THAT IS MY SCHOOL, MOMMA!!! I love my (not so) little boy! He's gonna have tons of fun and learn all sorts of things!

A, on the other hand, won't know what to think of S being gone all day. Hopefully I can fill up some of his time while waiting for S to come home. I don't know what I'm going to do with just one child at home. It's going to be surreal, that's for sure. Down to one kid...what in the world...6.5 hours of just one kid. Seriously, I'm in awe.

My mom sent down some swimming vests for them. I tried the one on S and he fit it great, and since A is the same size as S, just a little shorter, I know his will fit too. We might not go swimming this weekend, because I want S to heal from whatever he has, and I want A's left ear to heal from having it's problems. I think they will both love this thing though, and I won't be so worried all the time about A wanting to get away from us, literally trying to push our arms away. That boy is gonna give me a coronary yet!

This is not a picture of A, just of the product.

I need to go check on S..and see how his fever is. I might have to call J to come home so I can take him to see a doctor. Hopefully not though!


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