Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Future

So with my kids growing up, I've decided that I really want to do something with my life. I haven't worked since 2004 and have been feeling that I haven't really been a contributing factor to my family. Never mind that I cook, clean, do laundry, run errands, take care of two kids and yadda yadda yadda. I just want to feel like I've done something with my life.

With S's pregnancy, I had a super duper witch of an ultrasound technician. She was smart mouthed, didn't take the mother or father's feeling into consideration and just really acted like she hated her job. I always felt sorry for women who went in there only to find out something had happened to their baby and that ultrasound tech being gruff about it.

Also, I've always been interested in the medical field. I guess this really came about during S's stay in the hospital. I found everything interesting and really loved to absorb medical terminology, how the nurses and doctors acted around parents, how they came up with plans on treating a patient. I knew, however, that I could never be a doctor or a nurse. I cannot watch other people get shots, and if I do, I pass out. I can watch myself get an IV or shots and it doesn't bother me, but on other way. I remember when J had a huge migraine (he suffers from them a lot) and the doctor came in to give him something for the pain, and I watched for a half second and then felt very light headed and had to look away and force myself to think of something different.

So I'm going in for Radiologic Technology. I want to really excel in the Ultrasound Tech field and it only takes 2 years to get your degree. If I do this and land a decent job, J will be quitting his and he will become the stay at home daddy for a while.

I'm not worried about the major field courses, and I'm not worried about the general courses. All but one. Algebra. Ugh. I did horrible in General Math in High School, but I did ace Algebra 1 my sophomore year. So that gives me hope. Also, I am horrible at test taking, and I'll have to take an entrance exam to get in. These things are not my strong suit.


I feel pretty dumb. I know I'm not dumb, but when it comes to school, I don't seem to have the great self esteem that it takes to get through school.


Do I have the discipline to go every single day for 2 years? That's a lot of time I'm missing out of my children's lives. I will miss that, and that makes me sad and makes me think that I should just stay the course and be a stay at home mom forever. I'm content as a stay at home mom. Why should I shake things up just to do what I want?

So many things to think about. J is totally on board with the idea and I've done some research as far as the job market out there. I could make more money at a doctor's office than I would a hospital. The range of pay is anywhere from $46,000-$66,000 a year and there is always room for advancement.

I realize that I won't be needing to make a decision on it just yet, it is a couple years away, but I've been known to stress out about things and worry about them until the very last minute.

So I am off to read some more about this career choice and see if it's right for me and my family!


  1. Carrie said...
    Dude... I've totally been thinking the same thing!! After going in for our 3 4/D ultrasounds, I realized that that could be an interesting job. Neal was even asking the techs at this place all about it. (It's a private place... they take anyone who's willing to pay as well as people who are referred by doctors.) He was all giddy thinking that maybe we could start our own somehow.

    Anyway, it's been in the back of my mind but I haven't researched it at all yet because, well, it would be at least 5 years down the road and depend on whether or not we decide to homeschool.

    Anyway, I find it funny that we were both thinking about the same thing. Very interesting :)
    Robyn said...
    Well, get one open and I'll come work with ya! J has been saying how much he misses Ohio and wouldn't care to move back..LOL!

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