Sunday, June 14, 2009


So yeah..the lures of Facebook is too much. I really have been spending too much time on there lately. My best friend is on there now and we can talk all we want to and it's great! I sure do miss her and her kiddos, and her one kiddo I haven't even met yet! He is sooooo cute! He's got big blue eyes and big ole baby thighs that you just wanna grab and start gnawing on! Anyhow...

The doc wants me to up the meds he gave me a couple weeks ago. This stuff is still not working and it's so freaking annoying. All I want to do is sleep and sleep normally! Doc also wants me to go do a sleep study, but I don't see the reasoning behind it. Every report I've read online says that they cannot diagnose insomnia through a sleep study, but possibly things that are causing the insomnia, like restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea. Neither of which I have. So what's the point, really?

We are trying to make our way up to Ohio, but since we had to buy another vehicle, that money we were saving is now gone. We have to rent a car to go up because with two kids, we do not feel safe in driving our own vehicle and having it break down. At least if the rental breaks down, we can get another one. So we have started saving again and we hope to be up there by the end of August, maybe September. I have friends I haven't seen in years and would love to spend some time with them!

Last, but certainly not least! My friend, Carrie and her hubby had their little boy on Saturday the 6th! He's a big boy weighing in at 8lbs 12oz! Baby is doing well, he had to be helped with the forceps and they left a mark on his face, but he is fine. He is beautiful and has the cutest nose I've ever seen on a newborn! Mommy lost a lot of blood, but didn't require a transfusion as her blood counts were coming back up on their own. I am so excited for her!! She's going to make a wonderful mother!!

That's about it from here. Off to watch some TV to try and get my mind to shut off and me to sleep!

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  1. ~Denise~ said...
    I hear ya on the FB addiction....I'm there with ya!

    Hoping the doc can figure this stuff out.

    Sorry to hear about the vehicle, that stinks.

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