Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little late

I'm a little late in talking about this. But Denise (over to the right, her blog is "A Woman With Hobbit Feet") reminds us all that May is Preeclampsia awareness month. I really feel that this subject is not nearly as talked about it as much as it should be. It is such a serious, fast, and life threatening condition. I didn't even know what it was until my sister in law delivered her first son because of it. My doctor didn't even mention it to me during my first pregnancy (Pre-E is not the reason I delivered S early though).

When I started to show signs of Pre-E with A, it moved very fast. First, it was all the swelling, then the protein in the urine and finally, my blood pressure went sky high. All in a matter of days! Even then, I didn't know all that could happen. I didn't know it could cause you to move into a more serious state (HELLP) and I didn't know it could cause seizures, or death to the baby or mother or both. Just moving my foot would cause my blood pressure to jump to the 190's and above. When I started getting headaches, and vision problems, I thought it was just due to being pregnant. When I told the doctor this, he decided that A was better out than in and it was safer for both of us. I was 36w3d when I delivered A. During my c-section I was put on Mag Sulfate (I HATE that crap!) just to be sure I wouldn't have a massive seizure during the surgery. I had to stay on that another 24 -38 hours. I couldn't be alone with my baby because I was on this stuff. That really sucked. A was fine, but I had to stay on blood pressure meds another 3 months.

I know going through pregnancy is hard enough, and as a pregnant woman, we have enough to worry about as far as bringing a healthy baby into our arms. But I really don't think Pre-E is talked about enough, and sometimes, it's talked about too late.

I really have no idea what can be done. Or if there will ever be a cure for it. But I really think that education is the key. We can hope for a cure though, so support someone who is walking or participating in a Pre-E event!

My friend, Carrie, is pregnant with her first, and she's almost 37 weeks, she is showing signs of pre-e and I'm glad she is on top of it and is watching it closely (along with her hubby, parents and friends). I'm also glad to hear her doctor is making her come in twice a week now. She not only has educated herself about it, but her doctor sounds like they are on board too! I know she's well taken care of! Can't wait to meet the little booger here soon! I'm also keeping them in my thoughts for an easy and complication free delivery!


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