Friday, May 22, 2009


I really need to go to bed sometime tonight. It's now going on 2:30a.m. Normally, the kids wake up when J gets home..and he watches them for a few more hours, letting me sleep in. Have I ever mentioned that I adore my hubby?? Anyhow. But tomorrow (today?) is different. He has to go to the doctor to get his blood pressure pills, and to get a new c-pap mask. His broke and even though I fixed it real good (ha ha), he still needs a new one. I'm hoping they will have something different that will stop cutting into the bridge of his nose. I'm also hoping that insurance will pick up most of the bill for it.

This weekend I plan on taking the kids to the park. Hopefully it won't rain and we can enjoy a picnic too. They are so into Wendy's. S calls everything like that "Happy Donald Meal". Even if it's not from McDonald's. When we have sauce at home for our chicken, he calls it "Happy Donald Meal Sauce". The kid is funny! We only eat at a fast food joint maybe once a week and it's usually the more healthy stuff. Chickey nuggets, apple slices, but I have seen S eat a whole cheeseburger and ask for more. He's really been eating a lot here lately. They are really going to grow before my eyes and I hate the thought of that. But I also know that I will love it as well.

Speaking of family. Ever since S was born, I have always hated the idea of leaving my boys behind, and more often than not, take at least one of them with me to run errands. Even leaving them with family doesn't put me at rest. I know, eventually, J and I will want a vacation for just the two of us, but I really can't stand the thought of all of us not being together. I always tell J, that if the boys can't come with me (or us) then I really don't want to go anywhere. I'm good for a few hours, possibly a day, but more than that and I'm not a happy Mommy. When I was in the hospital for A, I missed S so bad, it hurt. The fact that I wasn't near him, listening to him talk and learn new things and see him smile and laugh almost killed me. I hated it. I really have no idea why I even brought that up. Maybe it's because I've been looking into a big family vacation, or maybe because J and I need a little break and the thought of leaving them is almost torture to me.

Ah well, I am off to bed..wanted to be in bed an hour ago!! Ugh!!

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  1. ~Mrs Sandy~ said...
    I hope you have a great weekend! I'm from GA too and I hope this rain moves out pretty quickly.

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