Friday, May 8, 2009

Growing up

So, today I decided to call the Pre-K that I signed S up for in April. A lady there had told J that they will contact us when they know who's accepted. This Pre-K is ran out of the same daycare I used to work for from 2002-2004. I knew the owners of the daycare and I knew they really took pride in their Pre-K program. I was so excited, I talked to the owner and of course she remembered me so I thought I had our foot in the door. Anyhow. I called and asked if they knew anything yet. The lady told me that he was already in if we filled out paperwork and it's in the office. They stop handing out application forms when they run out of spots. First come, first served kind of thing. I am soo soo glad that S will be going!~I went in and told him that he'll be going to school in a few months (we start in August here) and he said OK!! Then he looked at me real serious and said, "But, Momma, I don't have a backpack!!" I assured him that he could pick out his own backpack and he was happy with that. Of course, when J got up from sleeping, he had to tell Daddy all about how he was going to school! The best news for J and I is..that it is all FREE. Whoo hooo!! But I already knew that..heh!

I really want S to go to Pr-K because he still wants to sometimes act like a baby. He has no older siblings, so when he sees A doing things, he wants to mimic them. I'm hoping that being around other kids his age will help him grow up a little and prepare him for his school years to come. What's even better for me is that the doctor doesn't see any signs of him needing any special help. He doesn't seem to have any learning delays, doesn't seem to be ADHD, or ADD or Autistic in any way. It's a little too early to tell now, but if something does come up, we, of course, will address the situation and get him whatever he needs.

A, on the other hand, won't know what to do without his brother being here at home with him. Lots of play time for him and Mommy, of course, but all the WWF fighting will hopefully diminish. I'll have to start on a schedule, too. I want to make sure S has a great breakfast before he goes in, so I will have to get up early and fix it. S and A will have a new bedtime of 8-8:30 as well. With my BIL sending over clothes, we have all the clothes we need for the school year. We will probably get him a new pair of shoes, and a backpack. That's all we need though! They are to bring a change of clothes and a lightweight blanket as well, and everything else is provided for them.

I did not tell the Pre-K that S was a preemie. I had to work through some demons to come to that decision, but I feel it's in his best interest that that piece of information is on a "Need to know basis", so time will tell if anyone is going to need to know. J is a little apprehensive about the schedule of the Pre-K. They run the same as the schools around here. It's an every day program, running from 8a.m. until 2:30p.m. He's gonna love it!


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