Thursday, April 9, 2009

Looky! A Real Post!

So tomorrow brings some major storms to our area. I really dread spring for the plain simple fact that tornado season is upon us. But, I'm trying to be optimistic and just ride it out. At least J will be home with us.

J's family will be here this weekend from Alabama. About 10-13 people. Even though we have no where to put them, some of them are staying here. I'm going to have the boys bunk together one night, but I don't expect any problems because they will be passed out cold with all the activity and what not that Saturday will bring. We'll be having dinner, and an Easter egg hunt and I'll be letting them stay up at long as they want. J's grandma will be here and she'll be taking A's bedroom for the night.

I signed up S for pre-k. I hope he gets accepted, there is limited space and most pre-k's around here are already filled for next year. This is the same daycare I used to work at, so I know the owners and hope maybe that will be on my side as well. I thought that daycare didn't do pre-k anymore, but J drove by and saw their signs and I was all excited. All S ever talks about is going to school now. I really want him to go. He's almost 4, but sometimes acts like a baby. So I'm hoping that being around peers his own age will make him grow up just a little. We have some issues to work on before he goes though. Like picking his nose, him walking out of the bathroom with his pants down around his ankles and him eating with his hands even though he KNOWS how to use a spoon and fork. He sees A sometimes still use his hands and he thinks it's ok. Totally annoying. He knows his name, my name, his dad's name, A's name, how to count to 10, colors, and shapes (he sometimes still gets the rectangle and square mixed up though!).

I guess I'm off to clean for company. My kitchen was spotless, but now all of my dishes are dirty and I'm still in a little pain from surgery. Especially one of the 4 holes..must be where they actually removed my gallbladder because it's bigger than the others. So I have to still stop and rest some. I'm finally starting to be able to get up by myself and bend over! Major accomplishments here! Off I go!


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