Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Surgery

Yup, another surgery. A little over a month after the last one. Can't wait to start getting healthy again. This time, it's my gallbladder. I've had a feeling that it's been going for a while, but now everything I eat makes me sick and I have indigestion a lot. A banana made me sick the other day. The surgeon couldn't believe that one.

So I go in for pre-op tomorrow, find out what time to be there and ta da. I'm not really nervous this time. I really like my surgeon, I think he's a wonderful man, who listens to the patients and cares about how they feel and what they feel. I love doctors who thrive on human emotions, and what they think the body is telling them. S had a doctor like that in the NICU, rather than listening to all the tests (not that he didn't!) but he let S sort things out. Like being on the vent. They took him off one day, but S decided he couldn't handle it, so he got put back on for another day, and then S pulled the tube out himself so the doc said don't put it back in and S went to Cpap.

Anyhow..my point is/was, that I'm feeling relaxed and not so stressed and scared this time around because I really trust my surgeon.

Off again before the computer shuts down on me!


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