Monday, April 27, 2009


My mom had an Australian Shepard/Black Lab mix, she was 14 when she died a couple years ago. She was the best dog ever. Kids could scream in her face, jump on her, pull her ears, fur and tail and she would just lie there, or get up and walk away. I love this breed of dog. My dear husband knows this, so I will pretty much stop at nothing to get one here soon. I really want to adopt from an Aussie Rescue. I'm thinking an older dog, 4 or 5 would be great and house trained. Has to like kids and cats and other dogs. I adopted Leroy from the pound, and really think that animals need to be adopted more than bought for some ungodly amount of money. And they probably came from a puppy farm at that. I know there are breeders out there who are genuine, and that's great, and everyone should get to know a breeder before buying a dog from them.

I still want an Aussie. No matter the color, no matter if there's a tail or not. I just want one. One of these days..I'll get me one!


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