Saturday, April 25, 2009


So J had to work on Friday night, normally he's off. Since he had to work, we decided to rent out a room at the local pizza joint. Which is cool because they decorate it, provide plates and forks and game tokens for all the guests. There just wouldn't be enough time for me to make all the food and clean house and bake a cake.

S decided on a dinosaur skeleton cake. We were at Walmart, looking at cakes*, and I knew that they sold the little toppers for $5. Cake kits, they call them. So if you want or need to make your own cake, but like the little toppers, then Walmart will sell you them. So I will be making a cake tomorrow and that's the only thing we have to bring for the party. SO MUCH EASIER. Yay! Of course, A's name will be on there as well because he didn't get a party on his 2nd birthday. I was recovering from my first surgery and all the energy I had went to making a cake.

J and I got them some toys today. We got A a truck thing..a little CAT backhoe type thing and we got S some G.I. Joe figures. He loves them. little man is definitely growing up from loving Lego's to loving G.I. Joe and all the Super heros. Where does time go?

*In calling and inviting our doc and his family (they are extended family) I asked his nurse (who happens to be his wife and receptionist, his other nurse is my brother in law's wife, the docs sister) if S would ever outgrow his inability to have cakes made from bakeries. She asked me a couple questions, like if he was allergic to eggs or any other foods and I said no. Then she told me to hang on while she asked the doc what he thought. She came back and said at this age, he would probably not outgrow it and if it becomes a problem (where he's vomiting on anything else) then we can look into allergy testing. I told her that J thought maybe it was a texture issue. But that doesn't make any sense because he doesn't vomit cakes and cookies I make at home. I won't be doing any allergy testing on S this young. It's not a priority and it's a very painful procedure to put a young child through.

It kind of makes me sad because I know that in school, most parents go for grabbing something at the bakery for their holiday parties, so I know I'll have to always tell the teachers not to let him have anything from a bakery. As well as sleep-overs and birthday parties. I'll have to send stuff along that I've made that he can eat, just so he won't stand out so badly. I know eventually he'll be able to tell teachers himself and be able to watch what he eats, but it still sucks for him.

So a big day for my boys tomorrow. It should be fun and so stress free. We might have to rent out things like this more often.


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