Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm not rushing my babies to grow up. I just can't wait to see what they are going to do in this world. I'm hoping for great kids who respect themselves and others. Who are caring and compassionate towards man and animal alike. I can't wait to see if A will do something great with his love of cars and all things that go Vroom. I would love to see S playing the piano or working with the animals he seems to love (just like his mommy there!). But as long as they are happy and do no harm, I will be proud.

Especially with S. I want people to know that prematurity is not a death sentence. It's not a dream killer or one without futures. It may bring tough times, prematurity may have some bumps along the way, but you can get there! I think sometimes people think I favor S over A, and the truth is? To a certain point. I never show one more love than the other. I love them both dearly and cannot imagine my life without them. But S pulls at my heart strings and memories a little more. Sometimes it's hard for me to look at him and not flashback to seeing him covered in plastic wrap on an open isolette warming bed. Sometimes he may get an extra little kiss, or a book that just him and I read before bed. They both get stories at bed, but with S's love of books, I know he appreciates one more little one before bed. S is at a stage where he it's becoming evident that Mommy is boring. So I've upped my game a little and this week, we will start learning how to write letters. My goal is to have him write his name and maybe a short little letter before Fall. He loves all the little crafts we do, he's really good at those projects, but I think I need to challenge him a little more. I know preschool is good for him, but I can't let him go just yet. I need to start working myself up to him being gone for school all day. Just me and A...what will we do?! Anyhow...S is really growing up. Almost 4 with a HUGE imagination. He's starting to love the super heroes (spider man, bat man, super man) and is liking the older and Ferb..Spongebob..those types of ones. On his 4th birthday we will be getting him a high backed booster seat that you can use with the shoulder belt. Ack! I've reviewed the laws in Georgia and he can be put in one. He's 36 pounds and probably more than ready for one. I can't believe my 1lb 11.5oz baby is growing up. *sighs*

Oh my little A...he's so fiercely independent. Yet..he's such a momma's boy. He'll come to me over ANYONE else and I'm the only one who can love and kiss his boo boos. He loves his cars and trucks and would be content to play with them all day. He lines them up and one by one, races them across the floor only to go get them and do it all over again. Sometimes S joins in, but sometimes when S does join in, it's only to be mean and mess up A's car game. A enjoys our arts and crafts projects too, but you can totally tell he's into the more mechanics of how things work. Just like his daddy. I'm going to do a car themed Easter basket for him. All new cars and trucks! I don't think I'll see the kiddo for a couple days at best. He went to bed the other night with a car in each brand new cars..yeah..that's gonna take his attention from me.

J and I are doing good. Finally back to feeling like a husband and wife and not roommates. I think with me being sick, and not showing him much attention, he started feeling a little left out and now with me feeling better, and us having our own place, we are back in the swing of things. We are silly, lovey dovey, cuddly and really enjoying each other's company. We are working on our place together, so that makes it even more special. Our bathroom is nearly done. Some more flooring and decorating it, and it's good to go. My husband is awesome at all this home renovation stuff. Nothing seems to stop him from fixing up whatever he wants.

Our computer is acting like crap. It only works for 10-15 minutes at a time, then it locks up. I've ran every virus scanner out there, and nothing ever comes up. So it's either a very tricky virus or our hard drive is failing on us. Either way, in the next couple days, I will have to transfer all my pictures to somewhere safe. I love photobucket, so I'll probably be saving them to there. Our CD-ROM drive hasn't worked since the boys broke it last year, so saving them to a CD is out. And it would probably take 60+ disks to save all the pics I have to the A: drive. I'm talking about 6,000 pictures. Wowza!

Ack! I think my cough meds are kicking in. Who knew you could have hydrocodone in cough syrup?! Off to bed I go!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Robyn, have fun with the letters. Eloise and I have been working on letters for a few months now and most of the time they turn into people or objects and she loves it...and she is doing really well with them. I got a few tracing notebooks but I also go to another blog called no time for flashcards and we get ideas from there as well...FUN! S sounds just like Eloise, she LOVES stories :)

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