Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We all have choices, sometimes we make ones based on the need at the time.

We moved to Alabama from Ohio due to us getting ready to have another kiddo, and J's current job could no sustain us. We really didn't want to go on public assistance. Not that we hadn't before that, and there's nothing wrong with it, we just knew there were people and kids out there who needed it more. So we moved to Alabama because J's job offer was great. Great money, his own company truck and it was right up his alley for what he just got out of school for. The money was great. We never hurt for anything and actually got to save. He spoiled me and the kids rotten. As it ended up, we bought a place and 8 months later J's work there went all wonky and horrid.

They were a family business, and they did not know how to run it or treat it's employees. I have never seen my husband so unhappy at a job. He liked the work, that wasn't the problem. He stuck it out until we could sell the place we bought and return to his home growing up, where we met and married, in Georgia. Even though our future was up in the air, and money was extremely tight, I had every hope that my husband would find a job and we would be A-Ok. He found a job and within the first 3 weeks of moving here, started that job. It's not what he wants, but he's ok there and a lot less stressed out.

So that was a choice. He could stay in Alabama, where the employer didn't follow Labor Laws and J could be stressed and never see his kids and be super unhappy, but we would never be in need for anything and we could save lots of money. Or, he could give up that job, return home, get an "ehhhh" job, and we would have to watch what we spend and look out for better jobs in the future. Even though I loved having money, I love my husband's happiness even more. I'm glad he decided to move back to Georgia.

My husband is a great father and a great provider. He's very intelligent and hard working. He has a ton more patience than I do. He makes sure that the boys do not go without what they need and that I am not hurting for anything either.

So we just bought a place a few weeks ago. Spent all of our tax return as the down payment. We are remodeling a few things (mainly painting and trim work) and we could have been moved in by now, but he wants everything perfect for when the boys come to live in it. He wants them to finally feel like they are home and safe and warm, as this will be the last place we ever live in.

Anyhow...Our car decided to go poot on us. We think it's the head gaskets and if J cannot fix it, we are in serious trouble. We were hoping that this old car would stick it out until next tax return, when we could purchase a newer to us car. We really have no idea what we are going to do if it cannot be fixed.

Being an adult sucks monkey ass.


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