Thursday, March 5, 2009


So we took the dressings off my incision 48 hours after surgery. I got a nice shower, and let the little surgi-strips fall off by themselves. But I did a bad bad thing today.

It was a beautiful day out! The sun was shining, it was a little windy, but I decided to get rid of the doom and gloom looking yard. There was still leaves everywhere and it was just nasty. So I raked over half the yard up. The ONLY reason I stopped was because I started to hurt. I will get the rest tomorrow, because it's going to be near 70 and sunny. After we came inside today, the boys had a great lunch and we all took naps! That never happens!! Especially with S!

Hopefully we will get to move this weekend and I cannot wait! Things will be a little quiet because we won't have TV (so it's good that it's getting nice outside!) and I won't have Internet (oh the HORROR!!!!) but we will soon.

I'm starting to think there was some correlation between my depression and my pain. I think I got tired of everyone making me feel like there wasn't something wrong with me, that maybe I was making things worse than what they were and that threw me into my funk. But, I haven't taken any meds in a couple weeks, mainly after my regular doc said he felt something and then referred me to a surgeon and he said he felt it too, sooo..maybe about 3-4 weeks I haven't taken any meds. And I feel fine. Great, actually...WONDERFUL.

I'm so happy I'm feeling better and on the mend. Even though I gave myself a temporary Ouch!


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