Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009

I can't believe it's 2009! Did you know my baby will be 2 in 2 months?! That is crazy to me.

For A's birthday, I want to do a Thomas the Tank party or an Elmo party. He loves both. I'm having a hard time finding a Thomas the Tank Engine cake pan. They are sooo expensive! But the Elmo ones are cute.

For S, we are doing a Scooby Doo party. S is VERY into Scooby Doo, so much so, that I have to Autotune (remind) the tv to turn to it when it's on.

We were going to do both of their parties together, seeing as A's is in March, and S's is in April, but I don't think we will. A's is the beginning of March and S's is at the end of April, so that's really a long ways from each others.

Both of the boys are now sick. They are very stuff, coughing, and just miserable. But so far, they aren't running any more fevers and they are playing and eating fine, so I'm still hoping it's just a bad cold. I've got to keep on top of S's cold, because of his lung disease. But so far, he sounds like he's coughing it up just fine.

I had to make an appointment with the female doctor. Oh joyous times. I spent the day in the ER on Wednesday. With nothing to show for it but a big bruise where the IV went and some pain and nausea pills. So we'll see what the Gyno says. No "visit" in 3 months, not pregnant, just lots of pain on my right side. Tired of it. I know having my tubes tied didn't help the situation with my periods, but this is getting ridiculous. Also, I cannot take birth control pills, they are horrid and I start losing my blood and becoming anemic on them. Any type I have tried. So we'll see what the doc has to say about that. I know he's going to try to put me on the Pills, but I just can't. Ugh.

Doggone! I am addicted to again! I love Poppit and Word Whomp!! Also, I'm addicted to Yoville on Facebook!

Speaking of games, the boys got a PlayStation 2 from their uncle and we bought them a few games. S is LOVING IT. He doesn't really know how to do what he needs to do, but he loves making the characters run around and jump. It's cute!

For now, my meds are kicking in and I'm getting all loopy and sleepy. So I'm off to sleep!

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  1. Jen said...
    It sounds like you have some fun parties coming up. I can't believe A is going to be 2 and S is going to be 4! I hope they can figure out what's going on w/ your body. That really stinks!

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