Monday, December 29, 2008

Love It

Or not. J's cousin did end up coming over. Needless to say, the baby was sick. She had a runny nose and cough and fever. By Saturday night, she has gotten worse, but she was still playing and still eating a little and drinking plenty. They decided to stay until Sunday morning. I was really worried for the baby. I KNEW something was wrong and it was more than teething (as her daddy suggested). I was thinking ear infection. Well, now that I know what's wrong, I only wish it was an ear infection.

They got back to Alabama, and she took the baby immediately to the doctor. She knew something was wrong as well, and I know she was worried while over here. I know that look very well. So I called and asked if they made it home, and how was the baby. Turns out, the doctor thinks the baby has the FLU. That's right. FLU. I first told her I was sorry and I hope she got better soon and didn't get much worse. The baby is on Medicaid and hadn't gotten the flu shot yet because the docs office hadn't gotten them for Medicaid patients yet.

Then I freaked out. To myself of course.

ACK!! My kids might get the flu! The doc didn't seem to think they needed the flu shot because we are mainly home bound during the winter, and when we do go out, I Lysol anything within a mile radius of my kids. If I even THINK they can touch it, it gets Lysol'ed. S does NOT touch the potty when we are in public until I I have sprayed it completely down, top to bottom.

S started running a fever this afternoon. After a dose of Motrin he seemed better, but I kept on top of it. Rotating out the Motrin and Tylenol. He got a dose of Tylenol before bed to help (I hope) stay off the fever until tomorrow morning. As soon as I got off the phone with J's cousin, I broke out the Lysol and sprayed everything I could. Stove knobs, door knobs, light switches, toilets, beds, I mopped the floors, and sprayed down toys and phones and they computer keyboards.

I loved all over the baby this weekend. God, but she is adorable and oh so sweet. I held her all the time, well, until the boys were being mean and I had to hand her back over. She even wanted me over her mommy at one point! She had me wrapped around her finger and she knew it!! And she's walking. Oh lord, I miss that baby toddle. Oh why oh why did I get my tubes tied?!! Oh..right...two horrible births and health problems. Good decision on my part. Duh! But she is an ovary twister for sure.

I guess what will be will be. If we get the flu, we'll get through it. Everyone knows moms don't get sick, so I'm more than sure I'll be dealing with the aftermath of the flu rampage.


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