Monday, December 15, 2008

Poor Puppy

My little dog got attacked Saturday night. We have stray dogs that roam. Well..I shouldn't say they are strays. They are some one's dogs, they live pretty close to us, but he is never home. Therefore, they don't get fed, so they wonder around. Up until Saturday night, they had never hurt Leroy or Samson when they were outside. They also ran away when I told them to go home. Not on Saturday. Leroy and Samson (Aunt Steph's Dane) heard them roaming around last night and barked (they were both inside the house). I had thought they ran away when J went out to get firewood, and I should have made sure Leroy stayed inside. He loves to go outside with J and since he knew those dogs were out there, he wanted to go out there even more. So he flew past J and out in the yard to chase those dogs out before I could even grab him. Ugh.

Here is where I have to mention that Leroy (being a small terrier type dog) has Napoleon Syndrome. Or Small Dog Syndrome. Always thinking he's the biggest thing around and taking on the biggest of the big. He's never gotten seriously hurt before.

Anyhow, I got up off the floor to go get him but before I could get all the way up, he was yipping in the yard. Screeching in pain. I ran out there and Leroy had run under Steph's truck, and the other dogs were hovering around it. The other dogs had always run away when they saw me before, but I was just a few feet away before they started running away this time. I picked up a piece of firewood on my way and I threw it and hit one of the dogs. Finally, they took off down the driveway.

Leroy did not fare too well. He limped back in the house and when he sat down, blood poured from his neck. Drip. Drip. Drip. When he laid down, it puddled. J called him over to just wipe off some slobber gently, but Leroy howled in pain any time J barely touched him and snapped at him. So he gave up and we hoped for the best. We have no emergency vet clinics around here. So that's the best we could do at the time. Poor thing was only trying to protect his property and family.

I told J the next time we hear those dogs out there, I want the shotgun out and I want them dead. What if it had been my kids??! What if it had been one of us, coming in late from work or shopping?? Talk about scary. I know it's not the dogs' fault. Everyone we have tried to contact says that it's not within city limits, so there's not much they can do. Our dogs never go on other's property, so it just pisses me off even more that it happened on our property.

So, Leroy is OK. He's very skittish and if you touch him unexpectedly, he yipes and runs away. I did find a bite mark on his neck, I put antibiotic cream on it and he was OK with that because I worked with gentle hands. He hasn't been outside much today, and as nice as it was today, it's very unusual for him. He's not bleeding, not limping around. So in the next few days I'll give him a bath, and hopefully that will make him feel better. I hope he doesn't do this again.

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  1. Jen said...
    How sad! Poor Leroy. I hope he feels 100% soon and I hope those stupid dogs stay away.

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