Friday, November 28, 2008

Pretty Tired

Even though my meds seem to be working, I am still tired. Still not sleeping all that great and still wishing there were more house in the day.

On the upside, I have lost 24lbs since Oct 13th. On the downside, again, is my appetite is crap. I only eat once a day, and it's not very much at that. I'll go all day without eating, then when I get a chance to, I'll only eat maybe a piece of chicken and a spoonful of some veggie or something. We went out for pizza the other day, it was 6:30 at night and I hadn't eaten all day, I was starving!! My stomach was in knots and growling at me. It was growling so hard that it made my stomach hurt. I ate 3 small pieces of pizza and was full. Unreal. But my fat ass is losing weight, so that's a good thing!

I am off to spend some time with my sicky kids. They have stuffy noses and S has a little cough, so it's snugglin' time!!


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