Monday, September 15, 2008

Stupid Bugs

I don't know how the darn thing got in here, but I hate bugs. There is a bug trapped in my light in the living room, and it's big. I know for sure it's a Cicada, because at one point, Meeko had it trapped between his paws. I know they don't hurt you, but they are sooo freaky looking that it wigs me out and I go running and screaming, hoping I can get away from it before it flies into my hair. What do all 3 animals do? Watch it. It never comes close enough to get in range of them, smart things. But anyhow, it's buzzing around in the light fixture, and every time it flaps it's wings, it freaks me out and sends me running again. To make matters worse, just now, a big brown wolf spider went zooming across the floor. Effin' great. I am so scared of spiders. Off to see if I can find it.....

Yeah, Ok, I guess that's what you gotta live with when living in the forest or whatever. I thought I could finish my night off by writing out a quick blog, and just randomly talk about crap that's been going on, but now I've got the heebie jeebies and can't sit here anymore!

More to come later tho! J's sister is getting married (again) and has decided to have the wedding here! Lots of planning to do and all in less than a month! Whooo hooo!! But if I can plan a wedding from Georgia to be held in Ohio, I can certainly do this!

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