Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Looking in the mirror, I can't believe I'm at the stage. The gray hair stage. I'll be 30 at the end of October. 30!!! I am so freaking out. Anyhow, back to hair. The problem is? It's not gray. It's silver. Shiny Shiny silver!! WTF?!! I used to color my hair in my 20's, but now that I am older, all that fuss and muss is just not who I am. I do not want to color my hair. I do not want to smell that hair coloring perm smelling smell. I am not going to color my hair and I will age gracefully, that includes my looks. Wrinkles, silver hair and sags and bags and all that stuff that is pulled down by gravity. Now, I'll look back at this post in a few years and laugh. Laugh with my newly colored hair and laugh as much as my botox'ed face will let me. OK, that's extreme. I won't do any of that........I hope.

After the boys' fever, they seemed better, then a couple days out, they both got snotty noses and a cough. We had to leave for Alabama on Wednesday for the funeral and they seemed to be getting better. However, Saturday morning came around and A still had not woken up. It was going on noon. Holy crap, that can't be good. J woke him up and he was running a fever and just not happy at all. So we let him sleep until we left for home and after a dose of Motrin, he was good to go. We made it home with no problems, and got everyone in bed for the night. A woke up the Sunday, running a high fever and being very lethargic and extremely fussy. I couldn't stand to see him in pain anymore, and we headed off to the ER. Double ear infections. One worse than the other. Shot of antibiotics and prescription for ear drops for the one ear. That is sooo not fun. Putting ear drops in a toddler is like..I dunno...nailing jello to something. But the good news is, he is fine today and even was running around and laughing at his brother like he normally does. Now if we could just get him to get his appetite back, we're good to go.

The funeral went fine. Fine as funerals can go I guess. But the coolest thing was that someone had made a Mt. Dew floral arrangement for J's grandpa. The man LOVED Mt. Dew. So that was nice that someone had thought of that and put it in there as something to remember him by. Then we all had dinner at a church and it was nice and yummy. Another cool fact? The man had 26 grandchildren, 36 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild! Holy smokes that livin' a good life!

I've decided to start looking into cake making. I want to make the "cool" cakes for the boys. S cannot have anything made from a bakery, so I will try to make that easy on him and just make them at home. Might get into doing some personal cakes for friends and family only.

It is time for bed, I think I may be getting a handle on my insomnia. I haven't seen the doc yet, but I'll see how this week and next week pans out before I make a definite plan of attack!


  1. Cathy said...
    Have you read Anne Kreamer's book Going Gray? It is great.
    Jen said...
    FYI - The "gray" hairs coming into my hair are not gray but silver too. I've got you beat on age though. I turned 30 almost 2 years ago.

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